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Custom Made Jewelry

Can I use my own diamonds?
Can I use my own gold or platinum?
How much does it cost?
Will I be able to see my custom made jewelry before I buy it?
Do you ever make rings in silver?
What metals do you use in my new ring?
How long does it take to make my new ring?
What if I don’t like the ring you make for me?
Do I have to pay for the whole ring in advance?
How do I begin the process?

Selling my Jewelry

Can I sell my jewelry by mail?
Can I sell to Krigel Mesh Diamonds on an anonymous basis?
What happens to my jewelry after it is sold to Krigel Mesh Diamonds?
How do I know I am being given a fair price for my diamonds?
What is the process for selling my diamond jewelry?


Let your imagination flow while you take a look at some of our proudest and most interesting custom creations.

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