Diamonds That Tell Your Story
October 11, 2018

Pear Shaped Diamonds are a Beautiful Choice

Many people look at them as an old-fashioned cut.  Some people refer to them as a teardrop or raindrop shape.  I think they have a classic look, especially on diamond earrings and diamond pendants.  However, the real style winner is a classic pear diamond engagement ring.  Most people wear the point facing out, but the choice is yours.

The pear in this ring is a beautiful shape.  Many pears are too long or too wide.  I don’t mind the ones that are too long, but too wide aren’t as pretty, in my opinion.  I would rather have a perfect ratio of length to width like the one pictured. Our client designed this ring and we executed it in platinum.  She loves it!

And guess what? Pear-shaped diamonds

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