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December 6, 2017

Rose Gold - Fashion Trend That's Here to Stay

Actually simple to create, rose gold is a combination of pure gold and copper, which gives rose gold a pinkish hue.  The fashion trend seems to have begun in Czarist Russia, with the creation of Fabrage eggs of the 19th century.  The color has be in and out of favor ever since.  Normally in yellow gold, brass is added to pure gold to keep the gold looking yellow.  In the 1940's wartime America, it was said to be patriotic to wear rose gold, so that brass could be used for shell casings during the war.  

Today we use it in about 10% of all our diamond engagment rings, as a fashion statement.  Many of our customers use it because they like the way it looks against their skin.  I like it because it allows you to choose a bigger looking diamond because rose gold will camoflouge a diamond that is one or two grades lower allowing you to buy a larger diamond for the same price.

We encourage clients to choose between 14 karat and 18 karat rose gold, with the 14 karat being more pink and the 18 karat a little more yellow.  We are not big fans of 10 karat, because 10 karat gold is only 41% pure gold.

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