Diamonds That Tell Your Story
May 28, 2020

Princess Cut Diamond Are a Great Value

Princess cut diamonds are the best value for the dollar right now.

A princess cut diamond is either square or a rectangular shape diamond.  The diamond is cut just like a round diamond with 58 facets, but since a square pattern has sharp corners, the shape of the facets have natural variance along the facet lines whereas round diamonds have very symmetrical facets.

Very popular in the early 2000’s, princess cut diamond volumes have fallen from their highest sales point, but remain in the top three of all diamond shapes.  In case you were wondering, round diamonds have always been the most popular shape diamonds.

We love princess cuts and we love their value.  Since they were at their peak almost 20 years ago, we are seeing more come across our desks from trade-ins and estates.  Because of the over-supply of princess cuts and the recent lull in business due to the worldwide pandemic, the price of princess cut diamonds have never been better.  You can buy a nice one-carat princess cut diamond for around $3000 compared to $4000 for a round diamond of the same quality.  We’re now open, so give us a call and make an appointment here at our store in Leawood Kansas or for a virtual showing online.  Either way, we’ll show you some of the best diamond values in the US.

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