Diamonds That Tell Your Story
February 5, 2021

Platinum is our Recommendation

A naturally white metal, platinum is very durable.  Usually, with white gold, we see prongs wear out and needing maintenance typically within 10 years.  Platinum will last at least twice as long without maintenance.  We use 95% platinum.  We stamp all of our creations with a PLAT stamp. Platinum looks like white gold and will remain white looking while 14 karat white gold tends to look yellowish with wear.  

14 karat white gold is made from a mixture of 58.3% pure yellow gold plus harder, white-colored metals like nickel and zinc for durability and whiteness.  Platinum is purer with 95% platinum and other harder metals like iridium.  Platinum is hypoallergenic.  A similar design in platinum and gold will weigh approximately twice as much in platinum than in gold, so the ring not only feels more substantial but costs more.

Right now, the price of platinum is about half that of gold per ounce, but because it is more pure than gold and weighs more, it costs anywhere from 20-50% more for each ring mounting.

We love platinum because it feels better on your finger and lasts longer.

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