Diamonds That Tell Your Story
January 9, 2019

Dramatic Wide Custom Platinum Diamond Ring

This platinum engagement ring has a round brilliant cut diamond in the center, with a halo that isn't round, it's cushioned shaped to complement the rather larger ring with three rows of diamonds.  The center row are beautiful baguette diamonds.  Lately, baguette diamonds have been out of favor because of their excessive use in the early 2000s.  Those baguettes from a couple of 20 years ago tended to be of inferior quality and didn't match each other very well.  They had inclusions galore and were usually off-color, some even being ugly shades of brown.  They were not set by hand but set within the wax casting, which cost less, but they were many times crooked in the mountings and tended to fall out with the least amount of wear.  Today, we go back to the timeless art of hand setting and matching baguette diamonds.  They are really beautiful and if you haven't looked at fine baguettes as trim diamonds, you really should.

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