Diamonds That Tell Your Story
October 26, 2017

Devil in the Detail

There are many things to think about when you buy a diamond engagement ring.  The most important and sometimes the least considered is the size of the center diamond in relation to the mounting that is holding the center in place.  If the prongs are too thin or too thick, the center looks awkward or precariously fragile.  If the side diamonds are fine quality or inferior quality compared to the center diamond, something may look wrong even if you can't specifically tell what it is that's bothering you.

In the ring pictured here, the diamonds are actually set in the mounting (head) that holds the center diamond upright.  The diamonds down the sides of the ring are a different size next to the center diamond compared to the diamonds down the side.  All of the trim diamonds match perfectly.  And to finish off the look, our hand engraver, took the edges and created little balls running everywhere.  That technique is called milgrain, and it makes the diamond ring look like a classic.

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