Diamonds That Tell Your Story
October 25, 2017

Classic Engagement Ring With Half Moon Diamond Accents

Engagement Classic - We created this platinum ring with rare half-moon shaped diamonds on each side of a round diamond center. We had our craftsman hand engrave the sides of the ring to help create this classic look.  The center is set in a custom head created just for this diamond.

To make a ring like this, you have to create follow logical steps:

  • Pick the center diamond (shape, color, clarity, budget)
  • Find matching half moon trim diamonds that match the center
  • Develop the look with a CAD program
  • Cast the platinum
  • Set the diamonds
  • Stand in line for the finest hand-engraver to finish the look with hand engraving down the sides of the ring

The process takes less than three weeks to complete after we have found all of the diamonds, but the final product is worth the wait.

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