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True Blue Sapphire

on Wed, 08/06/2014 - 00:00

It's rare when you see a sapphire ring this beautiful. The sapphire blue in this ring is exceptional. In many sapphire rings all you see is a blackish stone, with hardly any shades of blue. Don't waste your money buying sapphires like that. But this sapphire ring is really blue and beautiful beyond compare. When you buy a ring like this, you have to understand that most of the value is in the workmanship and metal. The diamonds aren’t very big or terribly expensive, they are very small and require a lot of workmanship to put them in a mounting like this. The sapphires are also small even though they are excellent quality. There's over $1000 in labor alone. In the metal and stones you most likely have another $1000. Once you add the jeweler’s profit, you have a $2,000-$3000 ring that you might only net $200 in a forced sale. Buy a ring like this because you love it, not for an investment.