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Selling a Diamond That Nobody Wants

on Thu, 06/13/2013 - 00:00
This is what the jeweler says to himself when you show him this ring:

  • I don't need a pear shaped diamond.
  • I don't need an old fashioned tapered baguette mounting
  • I don't need an out-of-date yellow gold ring
Here's what you need to know:  There are jewelers and diamond buyers willing to pay good money for pear shapes.  The retail buyer for pears, for instance, are in Asia, not North America, so the market is soft.  You have to be diligent about finding the right company to buy your ring.  It is true, that it's hard to find a buyer, but you have to know the right guy to buy the ring.  I buy pear shapes all the time.  First of all, the mounting is going to be recycled.  This style was popular in 1975, but certainly not today.  This would be in style today if it were platinum, but not in yellow gold.  As a wholesaler, I would send the diamond to an Asian wholesaler and sell the baguettes as a matched pair back into the diamond industry here in the USA.
When you're trying to sell something nobody wants.......keep looking for a buyer and don't give up.  If you have something like this and can't find me and I'll make a bid.