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Princess Cuts Everywhere

on Tue, 12/18/2012 - 00:00
I see this type of diamond engagement ring come into my office all of the time.  A gob of princess cut diamonds...what a mess!  It might look like a single princess cut from a distance, but this "center" diamond is made up of nine princess cut diamonds all lined up nice and pretty.  When you are buying a diamond ring like this, keep your eyes open that you are spending more on the labor of putting the ring together than the ring will ever be worth.  Small princess cut diamonds are cut by the bucket fulls.  They are neither rare nor valuable.  They are worth about the same as round diamonds when they are cut so small, which means to a used jewelry buyer they are worth practically nothing.  You will be get between $0 and $50 per carat for your mess of princess cuts.  They are usually sold at the chain stores, and they look great, but are not a good value when it comes to resale.  This particular ring has as much value in the 14 Karat white gold mounting as it does with the princess cuts.  It is a JC Penney ring that sells for around $2,000.00.  It might bring $500 as scrap.
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