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How to Make a Big Diamond Look Like a Million

on Wed, 10/02/2013 - 00:00

Well, it doesn't hurt to start with a 6 carat diamond that shines like the sun.  The trick for a big diamond is to custom make the mounting.  You can't just take something that you see in a store and make your diamond fit, even if you have a small diamond.  Especially if it is anything but a round diamond.  Rounds are less of a challenge, because they are such and such measurements, etc., but a fancy cut diamond, like the cushion on the left needs a custom mounting.  This diamond is set in platinum with two half moon diamonds, 1/2 carat each on the sides.  The center diamond is surrounded by a halo of micro paved diamonds that are really very small, but very fine quality around the center.  The workmanship is 90% of the battle and the other 10% is the quality of the side diamonds, especially the small diamonds that make up the halo.  The most important thing is that they match perfectly.  They all need to have the exact same diameter, or the mounting looks like junk.  Pay attention to quality.  So many people make the mistake of getting a great center diamond and go for a budget look for the side diamonds.  That's a big mistake.  Spend the extra time and effort to have a great quality mounting.