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on Fri, 12/07/2012 - 00:00

Emeralds are a strange yet beautiful gemstone. First things first… Take care of your emeralds. They are a very soft, porous gemstone. You shouldn't put them in caustic liquids or clean them in a jewelry stores ultrasonic cleaner. You should use a mild soap and warm water and toothbrush that doesn't have toothpaste on it. Emeralds can chip and abrade quite easily. This emerald that I recently purchased is a little over 1 carat, is cut in the traditional emerald cut shape, and is very clear. Most emeralds have a profuse amount of inclusions and don't have a lot of brilliance. The emeralds that usually look too good to be true are not natural emeralds. Starting in the late 1990's man-made created emeralds became very popular and overtook the natural emerald industry by storm. Buying a natural emerald is an expensive proposition and can be very frustrating to find the perfect stone. This emerald, although pretty clean doesn't have great brilliance and is very light in color. This emerald looks like it's from South America, presumably Columbia. Many emeralds that are natural and have a greenish blue book are actually mined in Africa.
Selling your emerald can also be a frustrating experience. Selling any gemstone can be difficult or impossible to get a fair market value for it. Most buyers simply pay you for the gold diamond value and ignore the emerald or other gemstone value. When dealers like me buy emeralds off the street, you really don't know what enhancements may have been done to the emerald and most buyers aren't equipped to give you an accurate description of what enhancements have been perpetrated on your emerald.  Like all other items you were wanting to sell, get three bids from reputable buyers before you sell.

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