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Design it Yourself

on Mon, 05/06/2013 - 00:00

design custom jewelry

Too many people buy pre-made jewelry from stores that make more money if you buy what they have in their showcase. Resist the temptation. Get exactly what you want.

The ring to your right is a good example. The diamond is a radiant cut diamond. The overall look is not unique, but this ring is custom made for the diamond. You can tell because the halo around the center diamond is so perfect and there is no gap between the diamond and the edge of the diamond halo. The platinum is right next to the diamond. This is a hand made mounting and was made for us by a master craftsman in New York. The diamond is over 2 carats and the mounting has nearly a carat of very fine smaller diamonds. The width of the platinum is thin, which makes the center diamond look larger. The process costs a little more, but less than buying a mounting from a super high end jewelry store.